Family Dentistry

Mississauga Family Dentistry

At our family dental practice, we believe that quality care should be provided through all phases of life, from early developmental years through adulthood. Churchill Smiles Dentistry addresses dental needs at every age with family dental services designed to preserve the oral health of all our patients.

Each stage of life brings with it the likelihood of experiencing certain oral health conditions. To provide more effective care, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive examinations and treatments.

Each examination is thoroughly conducted to find all health conditions affecting your smile. Standard elements of each appointment include oral cancer screenings, bite misalignment checks, and periodontal disease charting. No one is too young or old to develop these conditions, but everyone has a higher chance of overcoming them when they are discovered early.

We make fluoride and sealant applications available for children and adults alike. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea or need help with snoring, we offer a variety of comfortable oral appliances to give you a more restful night’s sleep. Even when your treatment plan requires fabrication from a dental lab, our use of advanced imaging technology lets us develop quality impressions to ensure your restoration or appliance is effective and comfortable.

We provide an array of services for adults focused on maintaining oral health and appearance. Our team will track the progress of conditions such as gum disease and tooth decay, and create a treatment plan that restores oral health when these issues arise. We ensure your comfort with all our procedures and utilize effective local anesthetics during invasive procedures. If patients require an extra touch to remain comfortable, we also offer oral sedation.

We Prioritize Your Comfort

We work closely with patients to fully inform them of their oral health plan and the treatments they will need. A solid understanding of the process and benefits of procedures help patients relax and minimize their anxieties. We understand that some dental procedures are intimidating, but we make it our goal to help you relax and feel confident that you will receive quality service.

Contact Us to Receive Dental Care for all Ages

Churchill Smiles Dentistry offers family dentistry to residents in Mississauga and the surrounding communities. We help people of every age receive the precise care they need, all at one friendly, relaxing location. For more information about how we can help you, your children, and your parents call us and schedule your consultation today!


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