Dental Emergencies

Emergency Dentistry in Mississauga

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, call us immediately and provide us with as much detail as possible about your situation. We will talk you through the steps you need to take before you reach us, and when you arrive, we will be ready to take care of any pain and discomfort you are feeling. We are more than prepared to handle any dental emergency you may have, and we have an exceptional record for helping patients that are suffering from traumatic dental accidents.

A dental emergency can cause you anxiety and pain, and can also damage the appearance of your smile and negatively affect your dental health. Dental emergencies are defined by the severity of the damage and how it affects your daily life.

The team at Churchill Smiles Dentistry can help you with any of the following emergency conditions:

  • Missing or knocked out teeth
  • Foreign objects stuck between teeth
  • Broken or cracked teeth
  • Debilitating toothaches
  • Abscessed tooth or swollen gums
  • Root canals
  • Cracked crowns
  • Broken or loose braces, bands or wires
  • Broken dentures

Accidents can happen at any time, and some injuries need immediate treatment while others can wait until normal business hours. If you are uncertain if you have an emergency, give us a call anyway, and we can help you decide. Getting dental care as soon as possible can make the difference between saving a tooth and losing it. Infections need to be treated before they get out of hand, and pain needs to be controlled so you can continue to meet your family and work responsibilities.

To help avoid emergency dental procedures, wear a mouth guard if you are playing any contact sports, and avoid hard food and candies. Don’t use your teeth as tools to open things and maintain an excellent oral home care routine. Taking care of your teeth will help make emergencies less likely and prevent unnecessary complications.

Call Us Now for Emergency Care!

Ignoring a dental problem can increase your risk of permanent damage and lead to more extensive and costly treatment in the future. At Churchill Smiles Dentistry in Mississauga, we can help you access your dental situation and get you the treatment you need quickly and efficiently. The goal of our dental team is to give you the greatest comfort and the most effective treatment. Contact us today!


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