Check-ups and Cleanings

Checkups & Cleanings in Mississauga

The foundation of good dentistry is preventive care through regularly scheduled appointments. These visits give our dentist the opportunity to evaluate your oral health and thoroughly clean your teeth, removing plaque and debris. When you see our dentist at Churchill Smiles Dentistry for a checkup, you can expect a comprehensive exam to determine your overall oral health. Our team will provide professional dental advice as we look for cavities, gum disease, and signs of oral cancer or other systemic health concerns.

We Provide Expert Dental Cleanings

Dental cleanings are critical to your ongoing oral health. Having a dental professional remove plaque and tartar from your teeth prevents the spread of gum disease and tooth decay. Without having this cleaning every six months, your teeth and gums become more likely to develop problems.

The cleanings conducted at our Mississauga family dental practice are performed by experienced hygienists, who take the time and have the understanding necessary to conduct the procedure comfortably. During cleanings, we remove debris and stains and create a clean surface to apply fluoride. This mineral strengthens tooth enamel and assists in the protection against decay.

Sealants may be applied during this cleaning, as it adds another level of protection to prevent bacteria from building up.
These cleanings are recommended every six months, or as part of your yearly exam. During this time our hygienist or dentist will discuss with you the best ways to properly brush and floss and recommend any additional methods for optimizing your oral health. 

Regular Checkups for Your Best Oral Health

Examinations are another important part of preventive dental care, allowing us to find and treat dental conditions early and prevent them from becoming serious. We also look for lesions or signs of oral cancer as patients have  a higher rate of successful treatment if caught early. If any of these concerns are found, we recommend services and discuss options, and then begin treatment to restore your oral health. 

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At our practice, dental examinations are done with your comfort and ease in mind. We take our time examining your smile and tailor each experience with your relaxation in mind. At Churchill Smiles Dentistry, we take the time and effort to make your visit a positive one.



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