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Invisalign Teen Mississauga
Jun, 26, 2017

Invisalign Teen

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Is your teenager is begging you for Invisalign? Are you a little worried that allowing your teen Invislaign may be risky, because let’s face it along with puberty teens tend to be a little forgetful. You’re concerned that they won’t follow through on their Invisalign treatment or they will loose aligners prolonging treatment time. These concerns are entirely legitimate, and we want to address them. Here are the top 3 concerns of parents when it concerns Invisalign Teen:

Will your teen follow through on wearing their aligners between 20-22 hours a day?

You bet your teen will wear their Invisalign for the required time. As a matter of fact, it is reported the average teenager wears their aligners for 21 hours. Plus there is a tracker on the aligner, which holds them accountable.

If you can believe it, teenagers are reported to be more diligent than adults in wearing their aligners!

Your child is forgetful and will be bound to lose their aligner. How much does it cost to replace one?

Invisalign Teen knows that this is a probability, that’s why the treatment included six replacement aligners. When an aligner is misplaced/lost make sure to inform your dentist right away so that there is not a long delay in the treatment.

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Will Invisalign impede any extracurricular activities?

With Invisalign Teen your son or daughter can continue to play an instrument and/or sports because they can remove the aligner or they might not even be bothered by its presence in their mouth. They can also maintain their regular oral care routine of brushing and flossing.

Do you have more concerns that we didn’t address? Call us today and bring your teen in for a consult.

For more information check out this information sheet on Invisalign Teen.

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